Just a little faith...

"Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember you have within you the strength...the patience and the passion to reach for the stars to the change the world sometimes it pays to have just a little faith :)"

Hey loves, hope you’re all doing great. So this is a throwback outfit, it is a few months old outfit but felt like sharing it on the blog today, I absolutely love everything about it, it is simple and chic. Hope y'all like the outfit.
Have a fabulous weekend everyone.

Remember that “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try”, if you never start, you'll never get anywhere...it all starts with trying. You may fail, you may make mistakes but that's all part of the journey.
Till next time
Outfit Details:
Jacket/Coat: Incity
Dress: EBay
Shoes: Centro
Neckpiece: Modis
Bag: Reserved


Emmanuel Lwele Lj Junior said...

You look Amazing gorgeous #LuvTheAnimalPrint

Missy May said...

You look amazing and so chic. Great ensemble! :)


prisybrisy said...

thanks beautiful.I appreciate :)

prisybrisy said...

Aww...look at how you always make me smile. thanks luv

Maria Noelia Caro Olmedo said...

Preciosa! El vestido te queda genial! Un beso


Dominika Sygula said...

Hey babe, how are you?
Great post though, i love it, thanks for sharing..
Follow back if you don't mind.. :P

Visit me whenever you have time;

Anyway have a good day!
Stay in touch.

Chiemela Steve said...

You look amazing, I love the animal print gown.


mariyah gaspacho said...

you look stunning!! those boots are gorgeous :)
kisses from the sandpits of dubai ♥

Marina Marletta said...

Sexy outfit!

Yetunde Bakare said...

even though its an old picture you still look lovey, just found your blog i love it... keep doing fashion.

Isa said...

Hey beauty :) you have a lovely blog, with cute pictures :)
What do you think about follow each other?

Let me know if you like :)

Best wishes from germany
Isa | My Beauty Blog

prisybrisy said...

thank you dear. i will definitely follow you :)

prisybrisy said...

thanks hun :)

prisybrisy said...

thank yo so much

prisybrisy said...

aww..thank you. xoxo!

prisybrisy said...

thanks dear

Stripes n Vibes said...

You look so adorable in this dress honey!
Great style!


Made in Mauve said...

Beautiful look. Love the boots

Made in Mauve // Bloglovin

Quinn Vaccarino said...

Loving the animal print on you!


Mahka RnR said...

Stunning look...love the boots. hope you pay me a visit


Miharu Julie said...

Great post
would you like to follow other?
I 'll follow back after it


Belle melange said...

Such a great outfit, you look gorgeous!


AnaTaylor said...

You look gorgeous, the dress looks so good on you!


prisybrisy said...

thank you