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"The truth is you don't know what is going to happen tomorrow. Life is a crazy ride, and nothing is guaranteed."

Happy Friday lovelies. Just a quick weekend inspiration. The look that I have come to share with you, was what I wore this afternoon, to a lunch date w/a good friend.Since all my classes were canceled today :).hihi!!  You  Can Never Have Too Much free time ryt?! Have a fabulous weekend. Thank you for stopping by…

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What I wore.

Dress: New Yorker|| Shoes: Centro|| Coat: Incity||



"Suits are one of the fashion staples that women have stolen from men. They are the perfect choice when it comes to power dressing and making themselves look like business women. "

Hey there lovelies, hope your week is going great so far!
Todays’ look is featuring a matching jacket and pants that I made recently. It's a very simple jacket that can serve for multiple purposes. I don't really know what it is, but there are just days like these, where matching separates is all you want to wear :). I had so fun wearing this vibrant color, even though couldn't take photos outdoors because of the rains :(. I paired my suit with a white top and black shoes.
Suits are the must have for every woman who feels independent and conquers the men dominated world in a feminine way. Thank you for stopping by,enjoy the rest of the week.xoxo!


Thank you for stopping by, all your comments and feedback are always incredible to read.

What I am wearing.
Suit: by Me|| Shoes: Centro|| White top: Concept club


Scarf Chic

“The joy of dressing is an art.” — John Galliano

Hello lovelies, hope you're enjoying your day. Even if it’s winter, I really wanted to feel a little bit of spring :).
Each day provides its own gifts, beauty, surprise and roller coaster(s). It ultimately depends on what you choose to accept and wear on the inside before it reflects on the outside. Either choice you make,add a little spice, happiness and positivity.So I’m had lots of fun styling this scarf and jumpsuit. Hope you like it. xo !

Look at my dab,.... Dabbing is a way of fashion lol

 Look at my dab, everybody saying dab...

Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.
Thank you for stopping by,all your comments and feedback are always incredible to read.

What I am wearing.

Jumpsuit: Modis|| Scarf: Centro|| Bag: Modis|| Shoes:Kari



"A red dress is like a beacon of light in the dark night of style."Red is a vibrant color that symbolizes love, passion and seduction and it is always a good choice for adding it as part of your outfit combinations."

Hai dearies!! Happy Sunday :) hope you all had a wonderful weekend...Today's look is featuring my own custom made red lace dress. I ain't such a big fan of red but this look!,I love it so much. There's something so beautiful and elegant about it. I've always had interest in fashion and designing and I think that's where my obsession with "playing dressing up" and sometimes transforming clothes started. I haven't taken any classes from fashion school but I am considering joining one soon.Still working on perfecting my skills though, but so far its been an incredibly fun journey. I'm so thankful

Trends come and go, but the red dress is here to stay forever. It’s a fashionable piece that can be worn during the different seasons. Thank you for stopping by. Have a fabulous week.

What I am wearing.
Dress: By Me|| Shoes: Incity||



    Hey beautiful people! I hope everyone is having a great Thursday and Happy New month. I'm so excited to bring you this collaboration with Khadijah of www.dimplekhadi.blogspot.com. Temperatures are still around the freezing mark here — but today, myself  and this gorgeous fashionista KHADIJAH changed our coats for cozy ponchos/capes. So... we met on instagram :). I was flattered and humbled when the collaboration idea came up haha!! Coming up with a definite theme was a little tricky because we both had many great ideas lol but we finally decided to do this poncho/cape theme with a touch of black. Ponchos can be a little intimidating. They consist of a whole lot of fabric, and can very easily be unflattering or way too casual. But when they're worn the right way,ponchos are amazing, and become something that every girl should own at least one of.They are brilliant winter warmers and are ridiculously cozy and comfortable. 
    Thank you for stopping by as always. Be sure to check out DimpleKhadi's blog for more pictures and inspiring posts Here
    Add a scarf for a cute layer and extra warmth.

    She's always on point and consistent. 

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