"A red dress is like a beacon of light in the dark night of style."Red is a vibrant color that symbolizes love, passion and seduction and it is always a good choice for adding it as part of your outfit combinations."

Hai dearies!! Happy Sunday :) hope you all had a wonderful weekend...Today's look is featuring my own custom made red lace dress. I ain't such a big fan of red but this look!,I love it so much. There's something so beautiful and elegant about it. I've always had interest in fashion and designing and I think that's where my obsession with "playing dressing up" and sometimes transforming clothes started. I haven't taken any classes from fashion school but I am considering joining one soon.Still working on perfecting my skills though, but so far its been an incredibly fun journey. I'm so thankful

Trends come and go, but the red dress is here to stay forever. It’s a fashionable piece that can be worn during the different seasons. Thank you for stopping by. Have a fabulous week.

What I am wearing.
Dress: By Me|| Shoes: Incity||